The Wine Cellar – A Collector’s Special Place

1500 Bottle Wine Cellar - Collector's Special Place

Building a wine cellar or having one built for you  is not something that happens to, well,  MOST people.  Most of us buy a few bottles at a time enjoy them and then go get some more. So its safe to say that while few people actually dislike wine, liking wine isn’t the only reason someone builds a wine cellar. Some of you collect wine that will increase in value in order to sell it for a tidy profit when its at its peak quality or near it. For some its a rewarding hobby that combines your intuition, accumulated data and a little risk taking all leading to the moment of truth when the taste of the fruit tells its story. Some have developed a romantic and lasting love affair with wineries and growing regions they were first introduced to while traveling and thereafter the passion demanded a portion of their real estate so as to be always nearby, thus a wine cellar.

Whatever drives your need or desire for a wine cellar, we can help you. From new construction considerations to renovating a space there is a lot to consider so let us know with your comments what your concerns are and we’ll help you get there.

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Greg Snyders

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  1. Thx for the post. Good synopsis of why people build wine cellars.

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