You can request 2 types of consultation as a preliminary step before you build your own wine cellar yourself or as a first step in the design process.Each email consultation varies in detail and cost. Basic consultation fee is $85 followed by a comprehensive outline for $155. Depending on your knowledge of construction and/or wine storage requirements you will find that both fees offer considerably more information than the cost suggests. In either case you will benefit from over 30 years of construction experience and solutions to various potential hazards.

The $85 fee will provide you with the following:

      • Provide an analysis of the information you provide us regarding room size (H x W x D) as well as any relevant factors such as window(s) if any, door(s), location of the proposed room in the building, existing wall(s) condition, age of the building, existing floor condition and materials as well as other relevant factors that will have an impact on the function and appeal of the finished space.
      • Create recommendations for altering the space to best reflect your taste and budget considerations.
      • Analyze your proposed expectations for bottle storage capacity and make recommendations for racking styles that would suit both the function of the proposed cellar as well as the visual appeal.

The $155 fee will provide you with all the above plus the following:

      • A step by step set of instructions for guiding you through the preparation and construction of your room giving various materials recommendations with pros and cons for each. Even if you feel you have considerable experience in construction there are some important and unique considerations that we help you to consider that may not be readily apparent. Our goal is help you get as close to a final product that we would build for you but without the labor cost. We will also include a 10% discount on your design. (This is a minimum value of $65)

If after the initial consultation you wish to create a design with floor plans and elevations drawn up for you we will be happy to create a detailed design for you. As design fees vary according to the complexity of the project any such fees would be determined at the time of enlisting our services. Every effort is put forth to make this whole procedure as informative and efficient as possible.

Ultimately we would love to build your wine cellar for you. Distance may prevent us from being able to be onsite with you but if you wish for us to provide periodic assessments or suggestions we will be happy to arrange for progress updates and consultations to help you through your project.Please contact us if you wish to make any special arrangements.

Choose the option that suits you best and lets get started.